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Alison Krauss and David Gray– St. Augustine
by: Chris Anthony


What a PERFECT combination of music.

David Gray started off the show by just walking out and launching into a song…acapella.

Alison Krauss and David Gray kicked off their amazing 21-city tour on September 18th, and their stop in St. Augustine was no exception. An outdoor venue in Florida at the end of summer, there is no better venue for a night of great music.

David Gray was dressed to the nines! It’s a good thing those fans were on the stage. His set was very industrial with faint spotlights behind him and later on, his band that joined him. The whole evening reminded me of sitting in my living room listening to music. Very relaxed. David sang, played piano, and did not miss a beat with the audio effects he controlled with his feet while playing.

To be honest, I stopped taking notes once Alison hit the stage. Her down-to-earth nature showed as she simply walked on with the rest of her band and started playing. There was no grand entrance. None was needed. The crowd fell silent during “River in the Rain”. There were covers from Willie Nelson and The Foundations, all with Alison and the band’s unique spin. The set for the 2nd half was a backdrop of a building with street lamps, benches, and an antique lit up radio behind the band. The audience expected an encore and Alison delivered with a mic change and an acoustic set including her hit, “When You Say Nothing at All”.

One might think that with a two-person bill with artists of such caliber, that there might be a restriction on time. Seeing this show was seeing TWO complete concerts. Two unforgettable concerts.

Alison’s new record available here.

Check out David’s new track, “Hole in the Weather” here.

Chris Anthony